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Photo of Marc Ward, Owner
Film Dog Media Front Door

Marc Ward 

Since childhood, Marc knew he had a passion and talent for video production. His first experiences with video included creating his rendition of 'Charlotte's Web' and videotaping school talent shows. Because of this, he chose to major in Media Studies at Jacksonville State University and jumpstart his career in video production. Gaining experience was vital, but Marc knew that one day, he wanted to run his own company. The name Film Dog was inspired by Marc's collaboration with an ABC affiliate, Norman, also known as Norm, who connected the live feed to Birmingham. Norm would prompt Marc to play his news story for the microwave playback during these moments, saying, "Roll it, Film Dog!" 

As Film Dog Media grew, it transitioned from Steve and Marcia's residence to a modest corner office nearby. In 2009, Marc acquired his building, providing dedicated space to meet clients and house his studio. He opened on Thanksgiving day that same year. Since then, Film Dog has been located at 412 Walnut Drive in Trussville, Alabama. A commemorative plaque honoring Marc's grandparents can be found in the main hallway.

Throughout Film Dog's evolution, Marc's family has played a pivotal role. Initially, Steve, Marc's father, took on the responsibilities of the company's bookkeeper. This role has since been assumed by Marc's wife, Callie, who also lends her artistic talents to the décor of the building. Marc's children, Grace and Carter, have been integral team members for over a decade, assisting with office maintenance and occasionally joining Marc on shoots. Grateful for his family's unwavering support, Marc proudly calls Film Dog a true family business.

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